I came from the sea
of many waters before me
I gently lapped the shore
until my edges unraveled
When I was sewn back together
a weightless cloud
I slowly grew
so full and heavy
that I could no longer
contain her darkness
I cried over the lands
birthing life from sorrow


I folded
head to knees
as my insides
to instant oatmeal
spilling over
fingers furious
on the keys
weaving cocoons
from which
my mind could


The noise was gutteral
an anguished warcry
of ancestral sorrow
pouring from my lungs
the hot lava of a heart breaking
as my vision turned black
and they wheeled me away

My eyes opened
under florescent lights
at the distinct sensation
of emptiness
a purple scar
I press my thumb on
to feel again


Eyelids heavy
Snuggled in
Resting safely
Near mama’s chin
Fingers tangled
In mama’s hair
It’s hard to let go
But mama’s there
She scoops me up
We sway slowly
She kisses my head
In moments holy
She lays me down
And tucks me in
My mama loves me
I sleep with a grin


Be small and
Just be quiet
The men are talking
about how to
make you matter
even less
Your body isn’t right
never will be
but maybe if you
shrink it
stretch it
dye it
Pretend you’ve never lived
and you won’t
if they have anything
to do with it
Your vessel belongs
to literally anyone
but you
Don’t ask for help
You’re meant to suffer
Carry it all
Stuff it all down
but smile
while you do it
Because your suffering
is unbearable
to watch
Suffer prettily
with pouty lips
Daddy issues, huh?
Extra fuckable
As if they won’t be
the dads who cause
the issues
we can’t express
for fear of saying
the quiet part
out loud
They fuck us up
to fuck us
while we close
the closet door
to cry quietly enough to

Just be


Thin layers of ice
form over open water
One cold day
and then another
and something so
vast and wide
and deep and alive —
buried beneath layers
so thick
you can walk all over it
You can walk all over her

One brick at a time
a wall is built
One row
and then another
and something so
wild and free
and open and raw — 
buried beneath a facade
so deep
you can no longer see it
You can no longer see her


sometimes i drive on back roads
just to see how high the dust will fly
and sometimes i’m too reckless
and i have no reason why

sometimes i’m impulsive
and i don’t regret mistakes
and sometimes i will push you
just to see how much it takes

sometimes i think too much
and others not enough
and sometimes i get sick of you
well baby ain't that rough

sometimes i laugh real hard
at no one but myself
and sometimes i don't believe in grammar
or syllables or rhyming

sometimes i like a challenge
‘cause i like to prove you wrong
others, i don’t care what you think
you can never be that strong

sometimes i am not enough
that’s all that i can be
and sometimes i still skin my knees
but baby i feel free


She is
liminal space
Not here
but not nowhere
She is energy — 
infinite and indestructible
Spirit and stardust
She is what happens next — 
nothing and everything
Magic and moonbeams
She is that word
on the tip of your tongue
Close and far
The smell of spring
carried on a breeze
Presence and absence
She is.

her childhood stolen
robbed of her dreams
forced to grow up
her eyes lost their gleam

the weight of the world
bearing down on her shoulders
"you're not worth a thing"
was all that they told her

making decisions
no child should make
they all had betrayed her
how much could she take?

is love a lie?
is love alive?

packed up her things
and moved far away
she tried to start over
but could she escape?

the hurt and the hatred
she felt from the start
were hard to erase
they were etched on her heart

it took many years
and many mistakes
but immeasurable worth
she just couldn't shake

is love a lie?
is love alive?


There’s a restlessness, a weariness
In my bones, in my soul

Flying under overpasses
Like memories across my mind

Bare feet on dashboards
The first cool evening of summer

Cicadas buzzing in the darkness
Breaking stillness that penetrates deep

Fleeting moments


Sabine M. Rose

🖤 type A wild woman, photography lover, motherer, over-thinker, potty mouth, voice of reason, always learning

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