Be small and
Just be quiet
The men are talking
about how to
make you matter
even less
Your body isn’t right
never will be
but maybe if you
shrink it
stretch it
dye it
Pretend you’ve never lived
and you won’t
if they have anything
to do with it
Your vessel belongs
to literally anyone
but you
Don’t ask for help
You’re meant to suffer
Carry it all
Stuff it all down
but smile
while you do it
Because your suffering
is unbearable
to watch
Suffer prettily
with pouty lips
Daddy issues, huh?
Extra fuckable
As if they won’t be
the dads who cause
the issues
we can’t express
for fear of saying
the quiet part
out loud
They fuck us up
to fuck us
while we close
the closet door
to cry quietly enough to

Just be


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